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who is the most creative person…

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci

The most creative person for me is Leonardo di ser Piero da vinci or we all known as a Leonardo da Vinci, why i choose him? because he having been a scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect, botanist, musician, and writer, and he was highly popular as a story teller, joke teller, riddler and was famous for excelling at whatever he applied himself to . i a admire him alot, because he is the person that never stop learning, learning everything, even the learning of the technique of learn itself, he has 7 technique that very popular, here is the explanation:

1. curiosita -an insatiable curious approach to life and unrelenting quest for continuous learning.

2. Demonstrazione -a commitment to test knowledge through experience, persistence, and a willlingness to learn from mistakes.

3. Sensazione-the continual refinement of the senses, especially sight, as a means to enliven experience.

4. Sfumato– a willingness to embrace ambiguity, paradox, and uncertainty.

5. Arte/Scienza -the development of the balance between science and art, logic and imagination -“whole brain” thinking.

6. Corporalita -the cultivation of grace, ambidexterity, fitness, and poise.

7. Connesione -a recognition of and appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things and phenomena-system thinking.

Leonardo Da Vinci had specific techniques that he used to stimulate his intelligence and heightened creative thinking. He was ambidextrous and could write and paint with both hands at the same time. You can stimulate your mind by writing with your non-dominant hand for 10 mins a day. You could also learn to juggle (yes, Leonardo was great at juggling too!). He made copious notes which he wrote in mirror-writing (backwards letters written from right to left). Try and include some mirror writing in your daily practice — it stretches your mind and challenges your awareness.

Another of Da Vinci’s more famous techniques for inducing creative reverie was his practice of looking for recognisable patterns or images in the ashes of his fireplace. You may remember Jodie Foster’s character in the film, Little Man Tate, practising this technique with her genius prodigy son. They were gazing at shadows on the ceiling. You can do the same thing with clouds, patterned wallpapers, bark on trees etc. Just stare at the clouds and see what pictures you can see in them — faces, landscapes, animals and so on.

Leonardo da Vinci used notebooks to record his ideas, thoughts and observations. Notebooking is now recognised as a tremendous mind stimulant. It seems that by recording your prime thought and observations you affirm to your mind that they are valuable to you — and this encourages it to do more. It also frees your mind to expand on ideas, because the origins and subsequent steps of the thought are written down and objectified. So make sure that you use notebooks and keep a journal.

We all know that Da Vinci was an amazing artist. He used his ability to draw as a thinking aid, doing little cartoons in his notebooks that illustrated something he was observing, or were the beginnings of a design idea that he had. It’s easy to learn to draw sufficiently well that you can use it to aid and abet your creative thinking.

For the last, Leonardo Da Vinci left us a code of four principles to stimulate and encourage creative genius:

1. Study the science of art.

2. Study the art of science.

3. Develop all your senses especially your ability to see.

4. Study all the above in the light of the idea that everything connects, in some way, to everything else.





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